Coleman University closed this month after being in operation for over 55 years. They were denied their bid for Western Association of Colleges and Universities Senior College and University Commission (WASC) accreditation. This was not due to any misconduct, nor is it a judgement on the quality of education provided. It was simply an issue of financial solvency which led the Board of Trustees to make the difficult decision to have Coleman University closed.
They have since been working to place students in Coleman University alternatives, including California Institute of Arts & Technology. CIAT was similarly positioned to help students after the closure of ITT Tech in 2016. The reasons for that closure were different; ITT struggled with lawsuits and investigations, while Coleman University had issues with accreditation. Those differences don’t change much for displaced students, though, who now have to find new options for completing their education.
Students who have already received degrees from these schools may find that their credentials aren’t worth as much, since accreditation plays such a big part in an institution’s value and reputation. The students are not to blame, but they will be the ones most adversely impacted by these big changes in the San Diego higher education landscape.
Military veteran students are particularly concerned, because many have used their entire G.I. Bill funding to pay for courses at Coleman University. They may worry that their educational benefits have been wasted, or fear that no other schools will accept their credits now that Coleman lacks accreditation. CIAT is here to help! We offer media arts and I.T. degrees in networking, software development, Microsoft Office, and more. Popular elective courses include those focused on cybersecurity certifications, such as CompTIA CASP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
CIAT has become a home for displaced students in the past few years, and we encourage current Coleman University students to find out more about enrolling with us. We offer career-oriented curriculum, hands-on labs, online and on-ground classes, experienced instructors, and job placement services. Our Admissions team understands the specific needs of former Coleman students and are happy to assist them as they move on to become CIAT students – and CIAT graduates!
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