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Top 3 Websites to Find Scholarships for College Students  

At CIAT, we know that paying for a college education can be daunting. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our students every step of the way, including helping them secure financial assistance. Through our writing workshops, we guide students in crafting compelling scholarship essays and applications that effectively communicate their achievements, goals, and personal stories in a way that resonates with scholarship committees.

Additionally, we want to ensure our students are aware of excellent external resources for discovering scholarship opportunities.

The three sites reviewed below are great resources for students to take the first step in finding the various scholarships for which they may be eligible.


Mos is a mobile app that helps students seeking scholarships for college, FAFSA review assistance, and other funding support and financial assistance. With its user-friendly interface and personalized approach, Mos simplifies discovering and applying for scholarships you may be eligible for.  

Here’s how to get started with Mos:  

      1. Visit on your phone’s web browser.  

        1. Click “Download the Mos app.”  

          1. On the App Store page, tap “Get” to initiate the free download.  

        The best part? Mos offers free and paid services, but their team is so confident securing scholarships for college students that they only charge $1 upfront for the premium membership. The remaining fees only apply if you successfully receive a scholarship through their platform. This risk-free approach makes Mos highly recommended for college students seeking financial assistance.     is a web-based platform that connects students with relevant scholarship opportunities through a comprehensive questionnaire. By answering questions about your background, academic achievements, and personal interests, can match you with scholarships that align with your unique profile.  

        To get started with, follow these simple steps:  

            1. Visit on your computer’s web browser and click “Apply for scholarships.”  

              1. On the next page, click “Get started.”  

                1. Answer the questionnaire truthfully to receive targeted scholarship recommendations.  

              Sallie Mae  

              While scholarships and grants are ideal forms of financial assistance, many students still need additional funding to cover the remaining costs of their education. Along with scholarships, Sallie Mae offers multiple streamlined solutions for students seeking education loans.   

              Navigating Scholarships: Steps to Explore Options with Sallie Mae  

                  1. Go to and click the menu icon.  

                    1. On the next page, click scholarships.  

                      1. After navigating the scholarships page, click “Get matched to scholarships.”  

                        1. If you have a Sallie Mae account, log in; if not, create a new account.  

                      To explore your loan options with Sallie Mae, follow these steps:  

                          1. Go to and click I’m ready to apply.  

                            1. On the next page, click “Get started.”  

                              1. If you have a Sallie Mae account, log in; if not, create a new account.  

                            Sallie Mae’s customized loan application process is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, allowing you to find a loan tailored to your specific needs in just 10 minutes. Additionally, involving a co-signer can increase your chances of approval and provide more favorable terms, making it an attractive choice for students seeking additional financial support.  

                            By leveraging Sallie Mae’s comprehensive offerings, you can explore scholarship opportunities and education loans, ensuring a well-rounded approach to funding your college dreams.  

                            Note: If you have accessed Sallie Mae previously, you may be directed to log in to your account before starting an application. If you have forgotten your password, please click the Forgot your Password? Link to access your account. 

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