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Building the portfolio of programming languages you are competent and experienced in is vital to opening the highest number of career opportunities. With more opportunities you can choose the job that best meets your personality and goals.

.NET is a software developer platform that is highly versatile. It’s cross-platform and can build applications for the web, desktops, and much more. ASP.NET has increased the number of things that .NET can do. In this post, we’ll learn more about what ASP.NET can do, and how it can help advance your career goals.

What is ASP.NET?

Originally developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET is an extension of the .NET platform. Its main use is specifically for building web application through some of its advanced features such as:

  • Web-page templating syntax
  • Editor extensions for syntax highlighting and code completion
  • Authentication systems
  • ASP.NET web forms
  • Support for .aspx files with scripts compiled in visual studio

ASP.NET isn’t a programming language, rather it’s a framework for building applications. The back-end code is written in C#, F#, or Visual Basic. It can integrate with JavaScript frameworks, and works just as well for SPA Frameworks such as React and Angular. As a web and app development platform, ASP.NET also integrates well with HTML and CSS as well as markup syntaxes like Razor. It also works with the Apache web server.

It’s open source, which means it is improved continually through GitHub. It’s also cross-platform and the apps can be developed and run on MacOS, Windows Linux and more. One thing to be aware of: ASP.NET Core is the actual name of the open source cross-platform version. The legacy Windows-only version was referred to simply as ASP.NET, but all current development, updates, and bug fixes are taking place in ASP.NET Core.

Job Outlook: What Types of Jobs can I get With ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a highly versatile skill, just like the platform itself. Developers are using the framework to build things like:

  • Payment gateways
  • Multi-Factor Authorization requests
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • PayPal integrations
  • Employee management portals
  • APIs
  • Application frameworks

Given the framework’s flexibility, it only follows that many people skilled in ASP.NET are freelancers. 

You’ll post your qualifications and payment structure, then match with companies or individuals who have projects they need done. Being a freelancer is often remote and flexible. However, there can be some level of unpredictability in when the work will come in. Freelancer employment often lacks other benefits like medical insurance and retirement accounts such as 401(k)’s.

The good news is that companies of all sizes in all geographic areas need developers that can complete a wide variety of projects, whether web and desktop applications, payment gateways, and more. These positions are salaried, and will include a suite of health and retirement benefits.

Full Stack Developer

By having a thorough understanding of ASP.Net, you can work on both client-side and server side applications, which qualifies you as a full-stack developer. This puts you in high demand as web frameworks are constantly changing and evolving, which means a constant stream of work and demand. This can be an exciting and demanding job, as changes need to be made in real time. Companies depend on their extensive web framework to support e-commerce, customer service, human relations, and more.


Developing web APIs, web apps, and active server pages requires extensive programming skills using the framework provided by ASP.NET. Debugging and validation provide a steady stream of work. Because of this, programmers are always in high demand, and this can be a great place to begin your career in web services.

How do I Learn ASP.NET?

The best way to start learning ASP.NET is to use one of the tutorials and beginner videos available on the Microsoft website. This will get you some great familiarity with the platform. One of the best things you can do is to build a sample application. This will help hone your skills and get a sense of what aspects of the platform you understand, and where you need to learn more.

There are dozens of videos and simple step-by-step tutorials that Microsoft has put together to get you started. There are several other books and online resources you can use to fill out your skill profile. You can start on the specific ASP.NET pages that Microsoft has created to familiarize yourself with the topic.

How to Land a Position with ASP.NET

To land a position using your skills and knowledge developing with ASP.NET, you’ll need not just to have a portfolio of applications you’ve built, but also some solid certifications showing your depth of knowledge.

Since ASP.NET is a platform that takes advantage of so many other languages, you’ll benefit from the wide range of practical knowledge you can acquire through the courses and programs available at CIAT. You can learn C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, then learn to put all of them together in a powerful package. You’ll have the kind of versatility you need to stand out from the crowd.

With a portfolio, certifications, and/or a degree in computer science from CIAT, you’ll be able to entertain competitive offers from a wide range of potential employers. More offers and opportunities mean you can choose the right job for you.

Take the first step.

Building a strong coding portfolio takes hard work and dedication. Whether you’re just starting in the field or advancing your career, learning how to create an education plan that aligns with your career goals saves you time and money. This also delivers the most significant return on your investment.

Career Planning

You’ve chosen an education plan with a goal in mind, and now you’re focused on making the most of your educational resources to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success in the job market. The most impactful recommendation we give to all new CIAT students in the tech field is not to wait until graduation to start their IT career planning. When you begin your career planning steps from day 1 of your program, you graduate career-ready and are more likely to find your first job quickly, with competitive salary ranges.

Let us help you achieve your career goals.

When landing your dream job, CIAT supports its students every step of the way – ensuring you graduate with more than just a degree. Our IT career services team focuses on both your professional and personal development to help prepare you for a career in web development, mobile app developmentinformation technology, cybersecurity, networking, and more.

Get certified, earn your degree, and start your path to a new career with:

  • Personalized career coaching
  • Industry certification workshops
  • Resume building
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Mock interview practice
  • Job placement support
  • Dedicated job board
  • Specialty career-building workshops
  • Technology career fairs and employer “meet and greets”
  • Work study and volunteer opportunities

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