Articulation Agreement

An Articulation Agreement is a formal agreement between two participating schools detailing the process by which credits and degrees at one institution may transfer or are equivalent to the other institution. These are designed to help students make a smooth transition from one school to the next educational level without experiencing delays, duplication of courses or loss of credit. 

Levels of Articulation Agreements from CIAT:

Associate (2-year) Degree to a Bachelor’s (4-year) Degree

Any agreements will be listed below (please note that this listing is kept current and other college agreements may be added at any time):

United States University: Assures the acceptance of a AAS in Information Systems-Networking Concentration and AAS in Software Development graduate who has earned a grade point average of 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in to their Bachelor of Arts in Management. A maximum of 60 credits will be accepted for transfer.

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Is your school closed, or no longer offering benefits?

CIAT regrets the unfortunate circumstances that have lead to many recent school closures and stands ready to assist students in need.

If you have found yourself in this circumstance, we urge you to pause and consider which school and program offers you the best opportunity to continue your education before re-enrolling. There are many things to consider so while you have the opportunity, do a little homework before you decide. Do you want a degree, certifications, flexibility in formats, onsite testing, hands-on training, or the ability to attend less hours on-campus while still being a Full-Time student?

Degree of Certificate programs? Both can offer certifications but there is a difference.

At CIAT, our Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems-Networking Concentration degree offers up to 13 IT certifications, hands-on training and less time per week required at the school. The degree also fulfills your General Education requirements.We also offer a Certificate in Computer Information systems, Certificate in Cisco and many other certificates which offer up to 8 IT certifications.

Are you a Veteran?

The Full-Time student on-campus attendance requirements for our certificate programs are more than double that of our degree program (IHL) with respect to being considered a Full-Time student and receiving your Full-Time housing allowance. This and because many employers will require a degree in addition to certifications make our degree the obvious choice.

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