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What Education Options Are Available While Going Through a Tech Layoff?

Education options available after tech layoffs

Some of the largest tech giants in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon,, and Intel, continue to announce layoffs. Many people who follow the industry believe that many of the tech job openings filled during COVID-19 resulted in over-hiring. Many legacies of IT jobs, system administration, telecom, and desktop support ended up on the chopping block.

People facing a layoff in technology will see a favorable upside. The technology industry continues to hire even amid layoffs. Positions in cybersecurity, data analytics, software development, and cloud engineering remained unfilled, even during the organizational downsizing.

Want to reshape your existing IT skills to become more marketable? Take a moment to review the various degree and certification programs offered by the California Institute of Art & Technology (CIAT.Edu).

Many active-duty and former military personnel, as well as recently laid-off IT system administrators, telecom managers, desktop analysts, and database administrators, have attended CIAT.Edu to gain additional knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and data analytics.

While facing layoffs can bring emotional, financial, and family challenges, this is also an incredible time to reshape your future professional career by acquiring additional skills, adding certifications to your resume, and networking with others through LinkedIn and social media.

Overview of the Current Situation

Many laid-off individuals struggle with updating their resume and LinkedIn profiles due to feelings of devastation and self-doubt. However, regularly updating these documents can prepare you in case new opportunities arise. Your presentation significantly affects how employers perceive you, which, in turn, can influence their response.

Maintaining a positive outlook on your career options and investing in yourself both physically and emotionally is very important for employers. Are you ready for new challenges, or do you still have lingering doubts? Investing in your emotional well-being will help motivate you to overcome your current situation. Taking morning power walks, meeting with friends and past colleagues, and assessing your skills portfolio will go a long way in landing career opportunities.

Power of Freelance and the Gig Economy

While IT personnel who have been laid off adjust to their new circumstances, many have turned to websites like to become professional freelancers. Employers often utilize to bring on contractors to bridge gaps or assist with ongoing digital transformation strategies. These contractors make an excellent per-hour rate while gaining valuable experience for their technology portfolio. Employers also use to recruit talent.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

Advantages of Education and Training During a Layoff Period

Whether you are a college student or a graduate already in the job market, there are various opportunities to gain skills through certifications.

Candidates in information security should possess technical skills in areas such as information security theories, network administration, and IT. In addition, solid and soft skills like communication and collaboration are also essential. People with experience in IT databases, systems administration, or user support should use the time to update their skills portfolio to become even more marketable through certifications.

Identifying Educational Resources Available for Laid-Off Tech Workers

Many educational institutions offer several ways to help recently laid-off IT workers, including scholarships, financial aid, and other programs to help them develop additional knowledge. Learning institutions receive federal grants and funding to assist people who lack the financial resources to pursue their educational goals. 

Higher education institutions, including state-wide universities and colleges, often have funds available through corporate donations. Employers will partner with local universities and learning institutions to help develop talent to meet their business requirements.

Students should take the time to research learning institutions, various courses, internship programs, employment partnerships, and scholarship opportunities. offers several scholarship programs, including:

Federal Grants & Loans

Military Benefits

Private Loans

Monthly Payment Plans

Cal Grant

Women in Technology Scholarship

CIAT Graduate Scholarship

Industry Scholarship


The Need for Diversity in Technology is Needed More Than Ever

The current wave of tech layoffs in 2023 has affected over 153,000 individuals. However, it has significantly affected women, people of color, and individuals in the United States on H1-B visas. These layoffs have significantly affected diversity in tech, slowing progress and reversing previous achievements.

The lack of diversity in tech is a problem for everyone. It leads to technologies that worsen inequalities in society. We need a diverse tech sector because it shapes our lives.

Knowledge for Today and in the Future

Taking the time during your career transition to invest in degree programs and industry certifications is time well spent. Many industry certifications are achievable quickly while delivering exceptional notoriety in the IT sector.

  • CompTIA’s Security+ is the top credential for cybersecurity professionals. It provides the skills to assess security, monitor environments, and respond to events.
  • CISSP, better known as the Certified Internet Systems Security Professional, is a critical certification that requires a passing exam grade and working knowledge with experience. Many current IT engineers and application personnel should get this credential. Many of the open positions in cybersecurity prefer someone with a CISSP certification.
  • The federal government, private industry, and global service providers recruit Certified Ethical Hackers(CEH) talent with experience. Current cybersecurity engineers and software developers would be ideal candidates for a CEH role. Getting this credential will improve your chances of landing a role as an ethical hacker. offers programs to help current students and personnel with IT experience to get these essential credentials.

Are you interested in exploring potential pathways in the technology field? Book an appointment today with one of CIAT’s expert Admissions Advisors to discuss the pathways you can take to achieve your educational and career goals. 

Take the first step.

Building a strong coding portfolio takes hard work and dedication. Whether you’re just starting in the field or advancing your career, learning how to create an education plan that aligns with your career goals saves you time and money. This also delivers the most significant return on your investment.

Career Planning

You’ve chosen an education plan with a goal in mind, and now you’re focused on making the most of your educational resources to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success in the job market. The most impactful recommendation we give to all new CIAT students in the tech field is not to wait until graduation to start their IT career planning. When you begin your career planning steps from day 1 of your program, you graduate career-ready and are more likely to find your first job quickly, with competitive salary ranges.

Let us help you achieve your career goals.

When landing your dream job, CIAT supports its students every step of the way – ensuring you graduate with more than just a degree. Our IT career services team focuses on both your professional and personal development to help prepare you for a career in web development, mobile app development, information technology, cybersecurity, networking, and more.

Get certified, earn your degree, and start your path to a new career with:

  • Personalized career coaching
  • Industry certification workshops
  • Resume building
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Mock interview practice
  • Job placement support
  • Dedicated job board
  • Specialty career-building workshops
  • Technology career fairs and employer “meet and greets”
  • Work study and volunteer opportunities

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