Why a Microsoft Certification is Important

Get That Microsoft Certification And Gain Advantages

Many professionals possess at least a working knowledge of Microsoft Suite – enough to get by. But when you enter the job market with a Microsoft Certification under your belt, it’s another story. Microsoft offers exams for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as an exam combining these three programs with Outlook and OneNote. Individuals can become certified in one specific software, or a set of software, by passing the exam.


Having this certification increases your value to potential employers. It sets you apart from the competition as an expert in the software. Here are some examples of how adding this certification to your repertoire makes you stand out.


Reason 1: Boost Your Resume

Like we mentioned before, most professionals only possess a working knowledge of Microsoft programs. Having the certification means future employers don’t have to question the extent of your understanding or factor in additional training that might be required to get you up to speed. When you’re against another candidate with equal work experience, the certification will give you the extra boost you need to get in the door for an interview.

Reason 2: Up Your Professional Value

Because Microsoft skills are the most common skills that are required in a position, your chances of becoming hired for a role increase by 20% when you’re certified. According to Microsoft, 86% of hiring managers prefer applicants that hold some form of IT certification. Additionally, iIn high-growth industries, employees with Microsoft Certification can earn up to $16,000 more than an employee without the certification. And this is for entry-level employees!


Reason 3: Networking Potential

Professionals that have Microsoft Certification are part of a select community with unique networking and professional development opportunities. Having an active professional network improves your chances of hearing about new opportunities that you might not otherwise have access to. Not to mention, Microsoft utilizes the Microsoft Certification community as one way to engage with its base of customers and make necessary improvements. Once you’re in the network, the possibilities are endless.


Reason 4: Presentations, Charts, and Data

In today’s work, data and metrics drive the success of a business. Microsoft program fluency allows you to create compelling visual representations of data. Microsoft Excel is one of the best programs you can use for data application. With Excel expertise, organizing information and then using to generate charts is an invaluable skill set. Whether you’re a finance professional or a business analyst, this is an essential component in developing effective presentations.

Getting Your Microsoft Certification

These are just a few of the reasons getting your Microsoft certification can be important to your future. It’s a universally recognized certification that can help give you the necessary edge to hit the ground running in your career. The exams required for certifications are conveniently available online, allowing you additional flexibility in completing your exams.  In order to get going on the process, contact CIAT to find out what you need to do to prepare for the exams and successfully achieve your certification.