Networking Fundamentals, Part 1

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems – Networking Concentration

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About Networking Fundamentals, Part 1

This course teaches the skills required to be an entry-level computer network technician. Upon completion, the technician will possess the competency to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, basic network design principles, and adherence to wiring standards and the use of network testing tools.

This course represents the first part of the scope of covering preparation for CompTIA Network+ Certification and Testout Network Pro.

Topics Covered In Course

  • Understanding network fundamentals
  • Using addressing and protocols
  • Implementing security and authentication
  • Performing installation and implementation
  • Coordinating management, monitoring, and troubleshooting


Completion of Computer Hardware Fundamentals and Computer Operating Systems is strongly recommended. Students who have successfully completed the current CompTIA A+ Certification process within the last 12 months or, upon approval by CIAT admissions, those who have nine months or more experience or education in computer networking may proceed directly to Networking Fundamentals.

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