Here at CIAT, we care about our students’ futures. We provide students with job placement services, and also allow for in-house internship opportunities with our IT department. Recently, one of our students interviewed for an intern position here at CIAT.
Douglas Chun  has been a student at CIAT since January 2018, and he is currently working towards his Networking Degree with an emphasis on Cyber Security. Like most students, he is still a little unsure about what to do after graduation. So, when presented with the opportunity to interview for an IT internship at CIAT, he took it without hesitation!
“CIAT has a very professional feel and atmosphere which makes for a productive and forward moving environment”. Chun shared his appreciation for being given the opportunity to interview. The interview process helped him gain positive knowledge about the field, and what the future can hold for him.
In an email to Charles Beasley, the previous Job Placement Coordinator at CIAT, Chun said:

Dear sirs,
I am sending you this email because I would just like to express my appreciate for allowing me to interview for the IT tech internship position with CIAT.  I value the school and the education it is providing me, but by allowing me the chance to internship with your organization, I feel greater appreciation and confidence that I can find gainful employment as an IT professional when time comes.  I will do my best to be a representative of CIAT in the most respectable way I know how.  So again, thank you for this opportunity.
Sincerely and respectfully yours, Douglas Chun

Chun continues his study with a positive outlook on what is to come. He hopes to be employed in the local IT market in San Diego once he graduates. We at CIAT cannot wait to see Douglas Chun succeed!