CIS100A – Computer Fundamentals

Applied Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information

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About CIS100A – Computer Fundamentals

This foundational course equips learners with the essential study and technical skills required for success at CIAT. The curriculum covers an introduction to the educational ecosystem and offers strategic insights into effective academic practices. Students will explore the intricacies of modern computing with hands-on experience in Windows, along with practical exposure to Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, and PowerPoint. Besides technical proficiency, the course nurtures a reflective and analytical mindset, enhancing students’ ability to engage with academic materials critically. By the end of this program, students will be proficient in essential software applications and possess the educational experience needed to excel in their future coursework at CIAT.

Topics Covered In Course

CIS 100A Topics

• CO1-1 Understand and articulate the primary purpose of a university.
• CO1-2 Develop effective strategies for learning and studying.
• CO1-3 Master techniques to navigate academic challenges successfully.
• CO1-4 Engage with academic reading materials.
• CO1-5 Craft comprehensive notes that capture key information and insights.
• CO1-6 Interact with the MS Teams interface and explore interactive features (chat and sharing screens)
• CO2-1 Grasp the key features and benefits of Windows.
• CO2-2 Identify and describe the essential components of computer hardware.
• CO2-3 Differentiate between primary and secondary computer storage mechanisms.
• CO2-4 Understand and apply foundational knowledge of Windows operating systems.
• CO2-5 Sharpen analytical and critical thinking skills for academic coursework.
• CO2-6 Cultivate a reflective mindset to enhance personal learning experiences.
• CO3-1 Initiate and navigate the MS Word interface.
• CO3-2 Manage documents efficiently, including saving and opening files.
• CO3-3 Execute basic text operations such as entering, deleting, finding, and aligning.
• CO3-4 Apply text formatting techniques like centering, underlining, and bolding.
• CO4-1 Become familiar with the MS Excel interface.
• CO4-2 Efficiently enter data into spreadsheet cells.
• CO4-3 Understand the layout and functionalities of the spreadsheet interface.
• CO4-4 Execute row and column operations, including insertion and deletion.
• CO5-1 Start and become accustomed to the MS PowerPoint interface.
• CO5-2 Create, save, and manage presentations effectively.
• CO5-3 Display and navigate presentations in different viewing modes.
• CO5-4 Incorporate and modify graphics, including shapes and animations, within presentations.
• CO5-5 Source and integrate images from third-party platforms into presentations.
• CO5-6 Develop advanced skills for becoming an adept digital scholar in today’s technological landscape.



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