CIAT offers an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Software Development. Learn more about the program below.

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Program Overview

Program ID:#ASD

Program Length: 85 Weeks

Program Hours: 63 Credit Hours (360 Lab Hours, 765 Lecture Hours)

The ASD program presents the fundamentals of software design and highlights the distinctions between historically significant programming paradigms. Topics covered include software design, layers of software architecture, programming languages, hardware and software, Internet architecture, app development, web development, systems development and administration, client/server architecture, data structures, data modeling, and databases.

The scope of material will range from the origins of the modern programming era, to long-standing technologies which continue to be a primary force in modern operations, through to newer technologies which are in high demand. Students will be empowered to understand the ever-expanding world of software engineering technologies, their place in that world, and how best to guide themselves to their individual goals upon completion.

Successful graduates will be fully prepared and qualified for positions as software developers and fluent in the use of various technologies and computer programming languages and protocols including (dependent on course selection):

C Python Swift
C++ C# Linux Bash
SQL .NET Framework Mongo DB
JavaScript Java Node JS
HTTP Objective-C Ruby on Rails

Depending on course selection, students will also acquire practical, hands-on knowledge of many in-demand, industry standard technologies including:

Microsoft Azure Oracle MySQL Raspberry Pi
Visual Studio SQLite Git and GitHub
SQL Studio Linux Android
Microsoft PowerShell Apache Android Studio
Microsoft HoloLens Nginx Google VR
Unity 3D Heroku iOS

CIAT provides the all the software and textbooks required.

Prerequisites: Students should have good computing skills including keyboarding and familiarity with the windows operating system.

*Program is not eligible for FAFSA funding. 

Program Objective

Upon completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Software Development program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Analyze users’ needs, then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs
  • Recommend software upgrades for customers’ existing programs and systems
  • Design each piece of the application or system and plan how the pieces will work together
  • Create flowcharts and other models that instruct programmers how to write the software’s code
  • Ensure that the software continues to function normally through software maintenance and testing
  • Document every aspect of the application or system as a reference for future maintenance and upgrades
  • Collaborate with other computer specialists to create optimum software

The graduate would be able to work in the following jobs:

  • Applications Software Developer
  • Systems Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Industry


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment of applications developers is projected to grow 31 percent, and employment of systems developers is projected to grow 11 percent. The main reason for the rapid growth in both applications developers and systems developers is a large increase in the demand for computer software.


The median annual wage for software developers was $103,560 in April 2017.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics – Software Developers

Required Classes

Course Requirements – 24 Credit Hours



Credit Units

ASD-101 The Fundamentals of Software Design 4
ASD-102 Object Oriented Programming with C++ 4
ASD-103 Relational Database Management Systems and SQL 4
ASD-150 Operating System Concepts 4
ASD-170 Front-End Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 4
ASD-190 Internet Architecture with HTPP and REST 4

General Education – 15 Credit Hours

General Education – English Language, Communication, and Critical Thinking

6 credit hours required – select/transfer 2 courses



Credit Hours

ENG-100 College Reading and Composition 3
ENG-101 English Composition 3
ENG-150 Oral Communication Skills (Public or Business Speaking)* 3
Eng-201 Literature and the Art of the Narrative 3

General Education – Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

6 credit hours required – select/transfer 2 courses



Credit Hours

MTH-101 Intermediate Algebra 3
MTH-105 College Algebra 3
MTH-110 Plane Geometry 3
MTH-120 Trigonometry 3
MTH-150 Pre-Calculus 4
MTH-161 Calculus I 4
MTH-162 Calculus II 4
MTH-163 Calculus III 4
SCI-110 Physics* 3
SCI-120 General Biology 3
SCI-130 Principles of Chemistry 3
SCI-140 General Geology 3

General Education – Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 credit hours required  – select/transfer 1 course



Credit Hours

SBS-110 Introduction to Psychology 3
SBS-120 Sociology* 3
SBS-130 History* 3
SBS-140 Geography* 3
SBS-150 Economics* 3
SBS-160 Philosophy* 3
SBS-170 Political Science* 3

*ENG-150, SCI-110, SBS-120, SBS-130, SBS-140, SBS-150, SBS-160 and SBS-170 are not currently available at CIAT but may be transferred in from an accredited institution to meet the General Education requirements.


6 Elective Courses Required – 24 Credit Hours

Windows Workstation/Server Operating Systems



Credit Hours

ASD-210 Python Fundamentals and Best Practices 4
ASD-215 C# Business Programming 4
ASD-220 Linux Administration and Shell Scripting 4
ASD-225 Windows Development and Administration 4
ASD-227 iOS Programming with Objective-C and Swift 4
ASD-230 Open Source Servers 4
ASD-235 SQL Server and T-SQL 4
ASD-247 Android App Development with Java 4
ASD-255 Web Development with ASP.NET MVC 4
ASD-260 MEAN Stack Development 4
ASD-265 Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure 4
ASD-267 Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard and Unity 4
ASD-277 Embedded Computers and the Internet of Things 4
ASD-280 Django Framework 4
ASD-290 Ruby on Rails Framework 4
ASD-295 Augmented Reality with Microsoft HoloLens 4

Course Catalog

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Tuition & Fees

$36,855 ($585 per unit)


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