Cisco Configuration ICND1

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems – Networking Concentration

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About Cisco Configuration ICND1

This course focuses on providing the skills necessary to implement and support a small switched and routed network. The course starts with an introduction to networks, and then introduces host-to-host communications using TCP/IP. Next, Layer 2 devices (switches) are introduced into the network followed by Layer 3 devices (routers). The introduction of Layer 3 devices leads to the use of WANs and routing to connect to the internet and corporate sites.

For the purpose of this course, a small network is defined as 1 to 20 hosts that are connected to a single switch, with the switch running a single VLAN (VLAN1). The switch is also connected to a router providing a routed link (Routing Information Protocol [RIP]) to a simulated internet and corporate office. ICND1 works from the bottom up, providing knowledge and skills as they’re needed.

Topics Covered In Course

  • Building simple networks
  • Establishing internet connectivity
  • Managing network device security
  • Building a medium-sized network
  • Introducing IPv6


Completion of Networking Fundamentals is strongly recommended. Students who have successfully completed the current CompTIA Network+ Certification process within the last 12 months or those who have more than 12 months of work experience in IT networking and have received approval by CIAT admissions may proceed directly to this course.

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