Cyber Security Courses

Next term starts May 28th 2019

Get started by talking to one of our Admissions Representatives.

Next term starts May 28th 2019

Get started by talking to one of our Admissions Representatives.

About Our Cyber Security Courses

Are you looking to make the internet a safer place by exposing its cracks? Maybe a career in cyber security is right for you. Take the path there through our Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems - Networking Concentration.

Students in our Cyber Security courses will learn the fundamentals needed to protect both LAN and wireless networks from cyber threats. Major topics covered include hardware technologies, operating systems, networking, routing, security, and database management. As an applied science degree, 75% of the courses are dedicated to technical classes and 25% focused on general education. With concentrated focus on these subjects, students will be prepared for a specialized careers and may gain employment as a security specialist, operating systems security specialist, and information security analyst.

Cyber Security Courses Details

At CIAT, we offer practical training to make sure that you’re job-ready the second you graduate. With flexible schedules and a digital campus, we aim to empower the working student.

Cyber Security

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems - Networking Concentration.

Upon completion of the AAS in Computer Information Systems – Networking Concentration program, graduates will be able to discuss hardware fundamentals, perform essential steps in PC installation, troubleshooting, and repair, and develop the critical thinking and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems. Job opportunities are available in any organization that uses a LAN and/or wireless network. This is a rapidly-growing field and professional duties will include risk assessment, evaluating security policies, and implementing new security measures when necessary.

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Circle of Excellence Award

California Institute of Arts & Technology has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Award two years in a row by EC Council, the world’s largest cyber security technical certification organization. EC Council is globally and renowned for the development of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. We are proud to partner with EC Council and actively join them in their mission of ensuring that today’s information security professionals have the skills and knowledge required to avert, manage and control cyber attacks.

Why Choose CIAT

We’re here for you. Whether you’re just starting out, making a career change, or transitioning back into civilian life, CIAT will prepare you for success.

Our school helps students create rewarding careers in IT, software development, graphic design, and web design. At CIAT, our combination of theoretical knowledge with hands-on training and top-notch job placement services will take your career to the next level. Are you ready?

How Can Our IT School Benefit You?

From our esteemed faculty of academic professionals to our personalized class schedules, we tailor our options to suit your needs. We want you to thrive at CIAT.

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Practical Training

CIAT offers hands-on training in conjunction with competitive academic programs to deliver a comprehensive education in IT, software development, Microsoft platforms, and media arts.

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Flexible Schedules

We offer day, evening, and weekend schedules that work for your life. Our students can enroll in classes at either of our campus locations or online.

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Small Class Size

CIAT students receive personalized attention. We’re committed ensuring that you feel like part of our community with small class sizes. Many students are even on a first-name basis with our staff.

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Job Placement

Our top-notch job placement services will set you up for success. We offer advanced notice of job openings, interview preparation techniques, resume editing tutorials, and career counseling assistance.

Success Stories

Your accomplishments are our accomplishments. At California Institute of Arts & Technology, our mission is to prepare you for professional and individual growth with innovative, cutting-edge vocational and career advancement programs. How do we do all that? Read honest feedback from our students below to find out.

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