BDA103B – Introduction to Data Visualization Part 2

Associate of Applied Science in Business Data Analytics

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BDA 103B

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About BDA103B – Introduction to Data Visualization Part 2

This course represents the 2nd half in a two-part class for the introduction data visualization techniques. Students will be exposed to different forms of analytics and how to select the appropriate tool and graphing technique to fit the data. The learner will practice reviewing a data set, identifying the overall message, and then selecting an appropriate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to enable insight from the data.

Topics Covered In Course

BDA 103B Topics

  • Create data visualizations that are easier for the audience to interpret by minimizing the required eye travel and applying the concepts of preattentive attributes, Gestalt principles, and decluttering  
  • Explain why certain types of font are preferred over others for use in text in data visualizations 13 List several common mistakes in designing data visualizations and explain how these mistakes can be avoided   
  • Describe and differentiate between hue, saturation, and luminance
  •  Describe the differences between color psychology and color symbolism and explain how each can be used effectively  
  • Design color schemes that are appropriate for categorical data, ordered data, and quantitative data with meaningful reference values
  •  Describe basic statistical measures of central location, variability, and distribution shape
  • Create and interpret a box and whisker chart
  • Create and interpret visualizations that depict the uncertainty resulting from sampling error  
  •  Create and interpret charts that depict the uncertainty in predictions from simple regression models and time series models 


Students must have experience using a keyboard and mouse in a GUI-based OS such as Microsoft Windows or Macintosh and understand how to download and install programs found on the Internet. 

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