Career Paths Where Network Certifications Are Valuable

Moving Your Career Forward With A Network Certification

When you want to have a career that is really fulfilling to you, it’s possible that you will want a network certification to back you up. There are a number of things you can utilize such training for in the workforce. Earning that certification allows you to work as a network technician on multiple platforms. It’s a vendor neutral certification that can prepare you for most types of networks, so you can figure out the specifics as you go. Here are some of the places you might use this type of training:


This is the most common career path for those with a network certification. There are also opportunities for advancement in this field if you already work as a technician and then get the certification. You will likely be involved in troubleshooting any time there is a network issue and you will often install new network equipment as well.


Administrators do a lot more than you’d think and they are often in charge of day-to-day network issues and management of those systems. They might have to troubleshoot and run overall maintenance for service quality throughout the network. They will also be the person people come to when something goes wrong.

Security Specialist

The security field is growing fast and those who are experts in the industry are highly sought after. With a network certification, careers in the security area are easy to grab. Networking is a huge component of securing information today and that knowledge allows a security specialist a new level of proficiency.

Teaching And Training

Once you have a certification in networking, you are usually qualified to train others. Whether you want to teach those in your career field or others that were like you before you had your certification, you are able to do so. Having the certification gives you credible claims to your knowledge and allows you to prove to others that you can teach them the same things.

Open Career Paths

While these are some of the major paths, there are plenty of other viable options. Web and network systems development, for example, networking equipment purchasing, system analyst, and even networking forensics, among many others. This type of certification can say a lot about your demeanor and expertise, and you can find a number of rewarding careers from this starting point. You might have your eye on one career, but another could open up where you could utilize the knowledge just as much.

Getting That Certification

Before you set your heart on a certain career, take the steps toward getting the network certification in the first place. With CIAT, you will get not only the knowledge you need, but also the experience necessary to enter the workforce right away after your network certification is complete. This type of practical training gives you confidence about being job-ready right after you graduate. And flexible schedules let you get the classes done around whatever else is already going on in your life. Don’t let anything hold you back.