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5 Reasons to Attend a Technical School

January 15, 2019

Enrolling In A Technical College

You’ll make a lot of important decisions over the course of your life. One of the biggest is where you will attend school. If you want to make the most of your career in the future, what you do for your education is of the utmost importance. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a technical college like CIAT.

Reason 1: You’re Ready To Change Jobs

Schooling isn’t just for those out of high school, looking to build a life and career. Technical school can also be for those who already have a career but want a change of pace. If you’ve been stuck in the same job and you don’t feel like you have a way out because of your skills and background, it’s never too late to learn more skills. You can grab onto a host of new information and new job opportunities when you attend a technical college and learn a different trade.

Reason 2: High Employment Rates

If you do go to school right out of high school, or even if you choose a technical college later, you have peace of mind that there’s a high rate of employment for those trained in certain trades. Many people go to school after high school so they can get a job, but they can’t always find a job. When you attend a technical college, you have trade skills that are valuable and there are many different businesses looking to hire in those areas.

Reason 3: Hands-On Learning

There’s nothing wrong with reading and learning from a book, but when you attend technical colleges, you will also get hands-on training in the technical areas you want to learn. You will learn more by actually doing things instead of talking about and theorizing them. That’s valuable for your future career since you can tell potential employers what you have done, not what you think you know how to do.

Reason 4: Industry Connections

Any higher education school has certain connections, but technical colleges have connections in very specific industries. Instructors are often veterans in their field with years of experience in the industry. They have connections to businesses where they used to work or people with whom they associate that can help with networking, job placement, and just learning the ropes of the career path.

Reason 5: Smaller Class Sizes

If you’ve ever visited a university, or even seen classes on TV shows, you know they can sometimes fill auditoriums and large classrooms with students. With a technical college, the classes are much smaller for more one-on-one guidance and individualized learning avenues. You won’t get lost in a crowd at a good technical college.

Checking Into The Technical College For You

If you’re ready to start your life with a career that will take you far, or you want to switch careers later on down the road, check into California Institute of Arts & Technology (CIAT). Our degree and certification programs offer practical training in competitive fields that ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running on your career path the second you graduate.

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