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Important Facts About Cybersecurity Degrees

Considering Cyber Security Degrees

Computer technology will continue to advance, and as it makes constant leaps and strides there are always going to be people working to take advantage of it. If you’ve seen what one virus or hacker can do, you understand how important cyber security is to businesses today. If you have an interest in technology and are considering a cybersecurity degree program, read through these cyber security facts to give you a better idea as to whether or not this path is for you.

1. Cyber Security Jobs Are Plentiful

If you already have a career and you aren’t sure about going back to school because you don’t know if you could get a job in the industry of your choosing or not, take heart. With cyber security, the job market is always on the rise. Most companies need help in this area, and with technology continuing to grow, the need to protect it is growing as well. There are plenty of cyber security jobs with only more to come as the years pass by.

2. Cyber Security Is Needed In Many Industries

You aren’t limited to working in the technology sector when you have a cyber security degree because every industry can branch out digitally with security needs present. You aren’t restricted to companies of a certain type because your skills would work in any field. You could go for something in a hospital, insurance agency, law enforcement, or anything in between. Health care and government positions are especially necessary from a cyber security standpoint in today’s society.

3. Good Cyber Security Is Hard To Find

Companies are having trouble finding employees with a good background in cyber security. When you have a cyber security degree, not only do you have the paperwork that says you’re qualified, but you have hands-on experience in the trade that you received during the training process. Your degree doesn’t just come by reading about cyber security, it’s actually in gaining experience you can use in the job force later.

4. Employers Want Degrees

You’ve probably seen job listings that state candidates much have a bachelor’s degree or some other such qualification. When it comes to protecting a company, many employers will list a Cyber Security degree as a requirement for the position they are looking to cover. Just having the degree will open you up to a number of jobs you couldn’t access otherwise.

5. Earnings Are Above Average

When you graduate with a new degree, you might expect to start at the bottom of the barrel in the career field. However, cyber security professionals earn more than the median salary, especially for a beginner in the field. But these experts don’t feel like beginners, even on their first official job, because they have the hands-on experience gained from their training program to get them through real jobs.

Getting Cyber Security Degrees With CIAT

If you’re ready to take the next step and look into a cyber security degree program, contact CIAT about admissions, tuition, class schedules, job placement, and other opportunities that are available for you. See how we can move your career forward today!

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