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Cybersecurity Jobs – Top Career, Salaries, and Educations Options

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The role of a cybersecurity warrior is comprehensive and exciting. Industry trends show a considerable demand for several cybersecurity roles. Cybersecurity analysts, cloud architects, and network security professionals are some of the most sought-after candidates. 

A degree in cybersecurity provides many options for candidates to move laterally within the industry. Many cybersecurity candidates start as network engineers, eventually moving to a security architect role or an information security manager. Finding cybersecurity talent is a challenge for every industry to help fill many cybersecurity job openings that go unfilled over time due to the lack of available candidates.

Why the demand for cybersecurity professionals?

IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach study revealed a single data breach could cost a company up to $3.29 million, a 12 percent increase from the cost of violations from the previous year. Add to this the devastating impact cyberattacks have had on corporations like Equifax, Facebook, and T-Mobile. It’s no wonder businesses are paying more than ever to net in-demand cybersecurity professionals to protect their sensitive data and valuable assets. 

Cybersecurity experts are pivotal in every organization’s success. A secured network, applications, and cloud systems are financially and economically critical. Many companies seek out corporations that are secure, audited, and proven to be compliant with privacy and data security mandates. 

The Career Outlook for Cybersecurity Positions 

Depending on the position and employer, the education requirements for this profession vary. They usually include a bachelor’s degree like an IT degree, computer science degree, or information assurance degree. Many security administrators gain professional experience through entry-level IT support jobs. Earning a certification can greatly improve career prospects.

All Cyber security professionals are critical to the success of the organization.

Cybersecurity careers are like other professions: people most likely to succeed are the ones that possess specific job skills. Specific skills in the field of cybersecurity are undoubtedly valuable for anyone aiming to thrive in a cybersecurity career. 

However, that doesn’t mean individuals should give up on cybersecurity career paths if they don’t have all the capabilities yet. Before applying for jobs in cybersecurity, the candidate should consider their education, certifications, and experience. Each candidate should possess relevant knowledge and skill sets:

  • Analytical skills
    • Security incident analysis – attack tool analysis – critical thinking
  • Technical Skills
    • Determining Security Weaknesses – Understanding security protocols
  • Communication Skills
    • Communicating events throughout the organization
  • Presentation Skills
    • Document and present all security issues, events, and breaches to internal stakeholders.
  • Patience 
    • Cybersecurity is dynamic. You must be patient with your career. Opportunities spawn every day. Companies continue to struggle to retain top talent, and demand for cybersecurity warriors continues to increase. Security training is constant in the cybersecurity job market.

Critical technical skills needed for a career In cybersecurity:

  • Basic Information Knowledge
    • Networking, applications, and internet security.
  • Troubleshoot several problems at one time (horizontal thinking)
    • Candidates should focus on being a member of a scrum and not on being the top security person. Having the experience to cross troubleshooting multiple problems at one time and correlating the events is a critical skill set all candidates should work to achieve.
  • Understand the difference between Agile and Waterfall Application Development

  • Have a working knowledge of the Python language
    • The cornerstone of security automation for DevOps and SecOps continues to evolve around scripting. Security operations automated response (SOAR) is a critical skill set for all candidates to understand. Python is the preferred language for SOAR.
  • Know the basics of programming in Powershell 
    • Along with mastering python, having a working knowledge of Powershell for scripting also is critical for all candidates to understand.

What are the most common entry-level jobs in the cybersecurity field?

A cybersecurity candidate has several entry-level positions to apply for. Each role is in very high demand by companies, governments, and education institutions.

  • Desktop Security Analyst/Network administrator
    • Highly recommend the first position (excellent growth in learning and experience gathering).
  • Desktop Support Engineer
    • Recommend for candidates with basic knowledge of networking and troubleshooting skills.
  • Cyber Security Engineer 
    • It is highly recommended for candidates that start as desktop security analysts wanting to move up to a more significant challenge and more responsibility.
  • Cloud Architect – Amazon – Azure – Google
    • Ideal for candidates that have finished their cloud architect and cloud security certifications.

 What are the most advanced cybersecurity positions?

  • Security Architect- Senior level position:
    • The candidate should have at least three years of experience in cloud and networking engineering and hold a CISSP, AWS Cloud Architect certificate, and completed courses in SANS GIAC.
  • Cloud Security Architect: 
    • The candidate should have at least two years of experience in cloud engineering, operations, and automation. The candidate should complete the AWS cloud architect certification and Microsoft Azure credential.
  • Incident Response Engineer
    • The candidate should be familiar with Syslog, SNMP, security operations procedures, event correlation, and SIEM solutions. Many cybersecurity candidates start their careers working in the security operations department.
  • Cybersecurity Manager:
    • An analyst or manager is in charge of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data, whether in storage or transit.
  • Penetration Tester 
    • Often referred to as Penetration Testing experts or Vulnerability Testers, these ethical hackers conduct frequent security tests. These tests are ran across systems, networks, apps, databases, and your virtual infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.
  • Chief Information Security Officer
    • The Chief Information Security Officer remains in the highest position within a company related to cyber security. Any person in a CISO role establishes and maintains the vision and strategy to ensure that data assets (and relevant technology) are successfully protected.
  • Security Consultant – IT Auditors
    • Security consultants and auditors need excellent analytical, communication, computer, and other technical skills. Many security consultants earn professional certifications to stay relevant and expand their career opportunities. Popular certifications include certified information systems security professional, certified information systems auditor, and certified ethical hacker. Security consultants and IT auditors often manage all risk assessments completed within the organization to support various compliance mandates.

Cybersecurity Average Salary Range by Position

Because of this, many cybersecurity role compensations will vary. It depends on the organization’s size, where the role fits into the overall company structure, and the geolocation of the position. Some parts of the country pay more or less depending on the region’s cost of living. 

Many compensation packages will include a salary, bonus program, stock options, 401K, medical/dentist, education reimbursement, and mileage expense. 

What is the expected annual salary expectation?

  • Desktop Support Engineer – salary is $75,000 per year
  • Network Security Engineer – Salary is $105,000 per year
  • Cybersecurity Analyst – salary is $95,528 per year

What are the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs?

  • Cloud Network architect – salary is $150,000 per year
  • SecOps/Incident Response Engineer – salary is $114,893 per year 
  • Cybersecurity Architect – Senior level position salary is 135,000 per year
  • Manager/Director Level Security Operations – salary is $195,000.00 per year
  • Chief Information Security Officer – Salary is $225,000.00 per year


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