Why Employers Pick CIAT Students

CIAT offers job placement assistance to graduates including:

  • Resume writing
  • Internet job search resources
  • Interviewing tips
  • Internships and Placement Assistance with local companies (when available)

“Few schools understand that Information Technology is now a certification driven employment market.California Institute of Arts and Technology gets it.They quickly deliver ready-to-hire candidates recognizing that there is a “shelf-life” on available people and jobs.I call them first to support our national hiring network.” – Mike Berg, Senior DoD Recruiter

Services Provided

If you are an employer interested in providing internships or hiring CIAT graduates, please contact our Job Placement Coordinator.

CIAT’s Placement Coordinator is responsible for providing career counseling and job placement assistance. At a minimum the following services will be provided:

Resume Review & Assistance

CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will offer advice on how to prepare resumes and cover letters. The Placement Coordinator will also review student prepared resumes and offer constructive criticism and advise the student on how to improve their resume skills. CIAT does not write or provide pre-written resumes for their students. Online students, not in the local area may forward their resumes and cover letters to studentservices@ciat.edu for review and recommendations. CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will offer an open office session on the last Friday of each month for assisting students in resume and cover letter creation.

Internet Job Search Resources

CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will maintain a listing of potential employer website addresses. CIAT students will be provided this list of employers by email upon request. CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will contact potential employers and request permission to place links to the employer’s employment opportunities web pages on CIAT’s website. Employers will be offered the ability to contact CIAT, through the CIAT website, for information on our training programs and availability of trained students for employment.

Interviewing Skill Improvement

CIAT students will be offered appointments with CIAT’s Placement Coordinator for practice job interview sessions. Distance learning students will be offered this opportunity utilizing video or teleconferencing. These services will also be available during the monthly open office session conducted on the last Friday of each month.


Although not often available, CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will work with employers who express a desire to offer internships for CIAT students. Any available internship will be made available to CIAT students via email or phone invitation.

Career Guidance

CIAT’s Placement Coordinator will gather information on current career paths and trending demands in the information technology field and make this information available to all CIAT students and graduates. The Placement Coordinator will also be available during the monthly open office session to discuss career options with students. Students are encouraged to talk to the Placement Coordinator or submit career information requests to Student Services via email or telephone at any time.