Implementing Cisco IP Routing

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems – Networking Concentration

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About Implementing Cisco IP Routing

This course is designed to prepare CCNP candidates for topics covered by the ROUTE exam (300-101). It builds knowledge using a sequence of structured modules that provides an interactive, hands-on learning approach, enabling students to master the essential technology topics in a structured format. Instructional content is broken into manageable-sized segments with built-in assessments that provides students with feedback on their level of understanding and automated guidance back to sections of the training where further review may be needed.

A core element of this training is the ability to learn new concepts and reinforce understanding through a wide range of integrated lab scenarios. These labs utilize Cisco IOS Software with Layer 2 and Layer 3 features and a CLI supported on IOS version 15 releases. Discovery labs complement the instructional content and are used to introduce new concepts, while graded challenge questions and labs allow students to test their understanding of concepts and, when needed, provide access to hints and varied degrees of guidance.

Topics Covered In Course

  • Guiding network principles
  • Utilizing Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies
  • Managing VPN technologies
  • Understanding infrastructure security
  • Performing infrastructure services


Completion of Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security is required. Students who have successfully completed the current Cisco Certified Network Associate – Security certification process within the last 12 months may proceed directly to this course.

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