Guide to the CIAT Smart Market Deli

Guide to the CIAT Smart Market Deli

CIAT is a tech school, so we knew our student lounge needed a high tech option for our students. We’re pleased to report that the CIAT Smart Market Deli is open for business!
*Looking for the link to create an account or add funds? Go to
Come by anytime you’re hungry or thirsty, or stop in just to check out the vending machines of the future. You can create an account online or in person, and then use your credit/debit card or fingerprint to access and purchase items.
Choose from a variety of healthy options, like sandwiches, salads, protein bars, iced coffee drinks, sodas, candy bars, and even single dose packages of over the counter medicines like Advil and Tylenol. The machines are refilled regularly, so you’re able to access fresh food whenever you’re here.
Here’s how to get started… 

1. Register for a Smart Market Account

You can do this through the Smart Market website, or in person in the student lounge. We recommend using the website, because it’s fast and easy. Plus, you will be registered and ready to buy as soon as you get the lounge, so you have more time for snacking! 
Online Instructions: Click here to visit the Smart Market website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click where it says “Create an Account”. Fill in some required information, set your 4 digit PIN, and you’ll be able to shop the Smart Market in just a few minutes.
In Person Instructions: Start by tapping the “Create An Account” button on the kiosk by the far left side. Follow the on-screen instructions. You can register your fingerprint or pick up a card from the top of the kiosk. 

2. Load Cash onto your Access Card

Slide your card or use the fingerprint scanner to log in to your account. Once you’re logged in, tap the “ADD FUNDS” button on the left of the screen. After that, either insert a credit card or cash. This can also be done with your debit or credit card on the website when you create your account, or at any point later on.

IMG_37303. Make Your Purchase

Log into your account by tapping the card or scanning your fingerprint on the reader to the left of the deli section you want to purchase from. Look for the arrows if you get confused! To check prices, pull out your selection and the price will be displayed at the top. If you change your mind, place the item back in the same spot before closing the door. This will remove the charge from your account. When you’re finished with your selection, close the door and your purchase will be finalized.
Don’t forget that you can use your account to pay for Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate from the self serve machine on the far right!
The new CIAT Smart Market Deli is meant to be an added convenience to our students. We still encourage all staff and students to visit our friends Ruby and Rudy in the lobby. They run Coffee Republic and keep everyone at CIAT supplied with specialty coffee and tea, as well as breakfast and lunch items.