Getting IT Certifications Is Simple

IT Certifications Get You Jobs

If there’s one thing you know about the job market today, it’s that information technology is running rampant through it. Without this field, many businesses cannot function. If you’re looking for a secure career path that will have lots of job opportunities open to you, an IT Certification could be very important. There are many different certification paths, but if you have attained a certain level of proficiency the minute you start hunting for a job, you’re going to be well ahead of other candidates. Getting your IT Certification from CIAT can give you that and more.

AAS In Computer Information Systems

This program gives you the skills you need to troubleshoot, install, configure, and maintain network systems that businesses utilize on a regular basis. It will cover topics like operating systems, routing, security, hardware technology, database management, and more. If you want a career in IT security, Network Administration, Tech Support, or other such areas, this is a good certification to consider.

AAS In Software Development

This associate degree gives you the basics of software design and shows you the difference between different programming levels. You’ll get into topics like internet architecture, systems development, web development, software design, hardware options, data structure and modeling, and much more. Those graduating with this certification can go on for positions in software development with the ease of use in a variety of technologies and computer programming languages.

Practical Training

It’s one thing to read about computer programming and software development, but it’s quite another to actually do the work. When you get your IT certification through CIAT, you get hands-on experience and training in a competitive environment that will feel much like the workforce. With small class sizes, you get personal attention that will make you feel like a part of a community instead of one of many. The flexible schedule allows you to attend classes during the day, in the evening, or even on the weekends. You can enroll on classes on campus or online.

Job Placement Aid

Once you have the certification you need, you might wonder how you will go about finding a job. The good news is, there are businesses all over looking for people with these types of skills. Computers are not luxuries anymore, but essentials. CIAT offers job placement services to set you up for the success you’re looking to find. They often get advanced notice of job openings and can help you with interview skills, resumes, and career counseling. You have the skills you need, and you’ll know just where to go in order to use them.

Starting Your IT Certification Today

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and get that IT Certification, contact the representatives at CIAT to learn about admissions, tuition, schedules, and other pertinent details. You’re setting yourself up for success and the results are something you’ll be excited about the whole way through the training program. Put yourself on the cutting-edge of a career in technology with the right education standing behind you.