General Education Addendum

CIAT requires a minimum 17 semester units of General Education (GE) completed as part of the Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems – Networking Concentration (AASCIS-NC) program.

In your original enrollment agreement, you may have signed and agreed to transfer all GE courses from another accredited university to CIAT to meet the graduation requirement. However, we understand that your plans may have changed since then.


  • If you would like to take your GE classes with us, and your original enrollment agreement did NOT include GE classes, there will be an additional cost added to the original signed tuition amount and change to the expected completion date stated on the enrollment agreement.
  • If your original enrollment agreement DID include the GE classes, you will not incur any additional costs UNLESS you are adding more GE classes than you originally requested.
  • Please contact Student Services ( or your respective Financial Aid Administrator regarding tuition amounts.
  • Click Here for information on your assigned Financial Aid Administrator

Our current tuition rate is $585 per unit. (e.g. 3 unit class = $1,755). Please fill out the form below to amend your original enrollment agreement to include your preferred General Education courses.