Cisco Certifications Lead To Great Careers

Looking Ahead With Cisco Certification

Are you ready to discover the pathway to professional development unlike any other? Students at California Institute of Arts & Technology (CIAT) learn a craft and trade that will get them the job they want. Not just a “job” either, but a true career that will bring them fulfillment and success. This can be done in a number of ways, but getting a Cisco certification is one such path.

What Are Cisco Certifications?

Cisco is a leading American company that specializes in IT, cybersecurity, and hardware. There are a variety of certification programs that help employees utilize Cisco Systems with ease. Graduates that successful grab these certifications are prepared for positions as network administrators for companies with Cisco networks. The programs also prepare students for other certifications and give them the fundamentals of computer networking and applications for business situations.

What Job Opportunities Need This Certification?

Students at technical schools might have a number of goals, but Cisco certifications like those offered at CIAT serve as a good background for a number of career paths. If you want to work at a help desk or have a technician role, for example, or if you’d like to be an engineer of some sort or work in systems administration. It also works well for senior level roles like senior analysts, network design engineers, and advanced technicians. There are also expert level roles and even things like architecture that can utilize this certification.

How Can I Get The Certification?

This certification can be done completely online and on your own timeframe. You can also take in person classes, if that works better for you. There are eight courses that you can take in 40 weeks for a total of 600 hours of learning. You get a basic background as well as in depth knowledge in your areas of interest that can only help you get the job you really want on the career path of your choice. You will have to have a year of computer hardware and operating system experience in your background or certain other certifications or knowledge equivalent to it in order to begin this certification path.

Get What You Need From CIAT

The California Institute of Arts & Technology helps students get their Cisco Certifications on a regular basis. With practical training, you come out of the program with hands-on experience in your field of choice so you are job ready as soon as you graduate. Not only will your training look good on a resume, but it will give you the practical knowledge you need to be good at the job as soon as you start. If you’re already in the working world, do the classes in a flexible manner on your own time and advance yourself in your career path. If you’re able to concentrate on the classes full time, you can start out in your career on a different level than you would have otherwise. Get started today and prepare to move forward in your career!