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Helped me find a job

April 13, 2018

Mr. Beasley helped me find employment before I even graduated.


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Ricky T. 03/21/2018

A great school for getting certified.

Dedric D. 03/03/2018

California Institute of Arts & Technology is a fabulous school and I would recommend any aspiring IT type to check it out. Additionally, if you’re a Veteran than this school makes the process very easy while making sure you maximize your VA benefits. Finishing up my first class next week and ready for the next, much thanks to the superb staff at CIAT!


Samm E. 11/09/2017

I started attending CIAT in March 2017. So far, I find the instructors very knowledgeable and genuinely care for their students. There is plenty of computers in each room and also hands-on practice/lab. Their schedule is well suited for Veterans and working individuals due to different timeframes from 8-12, 1-5 & 6-10 pm.

Willie D. 09/16/2017

Great school.

Jerome F. 09/16/2017

This school prepared me to transition from the Military into a new Information Technology profession. The Instructors are professional and have in depth experiences and knowledge to back their teachings.

Will D. 08/26/2017

Great school and great staff. A lot of different programs to choose from.

This is a great school with an even better staff. Plenty of programs to choose from. I highly recommend.

Marcus M. 07/04/2017

Great school that works really well with my full time job. 2 night classes a week is pretty sweet. A lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. I recommend CIAT.

Abet N. 06/19/2017

Easy and fast love the staff… hope you join here

Editha F. 06/19/2017

excellent instructors. super fast computers. Friendly staff.

Brett W. 04/19/2017

As a current student I really I love the instructors

Kevin M. 04/15/2017

I was well prepared for my cert exams, thanks to CIAT

Johnny E. 04/13/2017

Wow, the people in the office are there to help you and get things done as quick as possible.

Chris G. 04/10/2017

Love the school, instructors are actually available to talk to day or night and they make it easy to succeed!

Bill A. 03/05/2017

Excellent college to get your computer certifications. Outstanding instructors, hands on labs, testing center on site.

Dedric D. 03/03/2017

California Institute of Arts & Technology is a fabulous school and I would recommend any aspiring IT type to check it out. Additionally, if you’re a Veteran than this school makes the process very easy while making sure you maximize your VA benefits. Finishing up my first class next week and ready for the next, much thanks to the superb staff at CIAT!

Mike M. 02/28/2017

A great school if you’re passionate about I.T. , the instructors have always been very willing to help me with any issues and I’m learning a lot. If you don’t know what you wanna do in life and want to start somewhere this is the place to do it. Also very veteran friendly and I’ve met some good peeps so far. I would recommend this school to my friends and family without a doubt.

Bill A. 11/10/2016

Outstanding School! As a Marine Corps Veteran CIAT is the school of choice for Computer Certifications.

Juan L. 05/13/2016

Yup, California Institue of Arts and Technology deserves all the praise! Since the beginning everyone there has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and in reality they bust their butts to work for me. I’ve had a number of issues come up with scheduling or just general questions and CIAT does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to accommodate around what I am capable of, or answer my questions. This includes my instructor Michael Arnone, who goes above and beyond to help ensure I can succeed. I am truly grateful for all of their help.

Kevin M. 04/26/2016

I’m a nine-year Air Force Veteran with a background in telecommunications cabling and IT project management. I separated from the Air Force without a degree or any certifications. Even with my experience, it was hard for me to find employment. I needed a to get certified as fast as possible to find worthwhile employment. That’s when I found the California Institute of Arts and Technology.

CIAT is VA-approved and offers boot camp courses–A great way to get certified quickly! Tuition costs also covered examination fees. I earned CompTIA’s A+ and Security+ certifications within a couple of months. I posted my updated resume on the job boards. Job recruiters were quick to find me. I ended up accepting a position as a contractor soon afterward.

The staff is very personable and approachable… easy to contact and quick to resolve any issues.

The beginning of the curriculum is mostly web-based with virtual labs. There are training switches and servers on site along with many instructors to answer any questions you may have.

I have recommended this institution to many of my friends and colleagues. I hope that CIAT will help you achieve your goals as much as they have helped me achieve mine.


Roxanne M. 04/26/2016

I’m a first term student and they are amazing!!!! You call, they answer! Questions. Solved. Need help, they are there. I am a real person no advertising or nothing. Best of all now they offer an amazing Online Program, so anyone from anywhere in the world can achieve their educational goals!

I came to CIAT with a bachelors degree in IT. I have military experience and have been in the IT field a few years, but the one area I struggled was professional certifications. Now my focus is solely on certifications and the vendor specific models so many companies use and this school does just that.

Plus as a veteran they are a recognized higher learning institute so I can use my Post 9/11 VA benefits which means I still get BAH ( housing allowance). Their program is wonderful and matches exactly what is in the real world. I’ve used more industry knowledge from this school than what I learned at the 4 year Private University I graduated from.

Juanmy O. 04/26/2016

By saying they are super professional and friendly, is just the tip of the iceberg! You come here and You want to get your hands to work. That is motivation! They will make you driven!!!

James B. 04/02/2016

as a current student a few things stand out as being especially beneficial about this institution. first and foremost it is very flexible around your schedule and even offer two times during the afternoon or evening for their classes. the actual school area is functional and not to much or to little. i appreciate how the owner of the snack machine takes it seriously. another big one, regarding the staff , is an atmosphere of polite recommendation or urging but not berating condescending, belittling or non-caring. which is honestly just what i needed starting school again, and with the instructor randy,( a fine instructor) just what was necessary to overcome certification exam anxiety.

at first i wanted to over-estimate my capabilities and wanted to jump into network security which i had been studying previously, skipping 801-802 a+ , fortunately jaime’s careful urging got me to take the foundational classes which i am thankful for.

i also appreciate the open door policy, where an issue that i had was taken care of immediately by the leadership.

i feel more comfortable around a large veteran population here as well, perhaps they all see a valuable approach to timely technological empowerment, because i know i cant spend 5 years in a classroom with teenagers and moody instructor/babysitters when im pushin 30.

im looking forward to getting into network security , and hopefully as i continue to succeed and have marked certification earning to assure myself of accomplishment, i can gain agreater appreciation for the educational model , pride in success , and surety in  carving out a place for myself in the future , because as i continually reflect , people come and go , and are generally fallible , so i want to trust in technology.

Ted J. 01/24/2013

Probably the best place I’ve visited where you can get trained for IT certifications, study, and take the exam at the same location.

The private study booths are the best.  It’s generally quiet and you will be prepared after a few days of studying.

CIAT Reviews - Facebook Comments

Terry P. 04/17/18

any vets looking to use gi bill to transition to civilian career this may be worth checking out…my former stepson became a computer programmer while in Airforce and he now make 80k or so a year doing the same job that only paid him 30k in air force. knowledge is power…

Jesse S. 03/15/18

This school is f***ing awesome

Ron Morrison, Mayor of National City 11/05/17

More educational opportunities coming to National City. The opening of California Institute of Arts & Technology at 401 Mile of Cars Way is a very welcomed addition to our growing educational community!

CIAT Reviews & Email Testimonials

Chris S.


I don’t really know who exactly to thank or the right words to express myself. But truly from the heart I would like to say thank you for the great graduation ceremony your awesome staff put on for us. My family was so happy and impressed with all the hard work you guys did for us. We are truly appreciative. Just wanted to convey that to you. 
Best Regards

Chris S.

Good morning Mr. Doyle,

My name is Chris Spears, I’m currently a student in CIAT and have been since November 2017. A little bit about myself, I’m a retried Navy Senior Chief with 26 years of service. I have degrees from other institutions and have an interest in learning computer based technology for various reasons.
I’m writing you this email to let you know what an outstanding job that your new improved staff is doing. I’m changing from the certification program to the associates program. In the past I have been so frustrated with your support/admin staff that I have had thoughts of leaving CIAT. The instructors were the main reason that I stayed, they are amazing and bring so much knowledge and real world experience to the class. In the past I would get the run around and different answers to the same questions, support/admin would point the finger and blame each other. It took me 4 months to get my VA benefits and it wasn’t Marvin Veneracion’s fault, that’s just one example of many.
I’m really writing this email to tell you what an outstanding staff/support/admin you have now. I set up an appointment with Frank Ganan yesterday to change from the certification to the associates program. I feel Frank went out of his way to help me out, he walked me around and we talked face to face with everyone that I needed to see so that this transition from the certification to the associates program would be seamless.
I wanted you to know that Frank Ganan, Melissa Kingston, Anna Howell, Pete Limon, and Marvin Veneracion were outstanding yesterday and that I left CIAT with the feeling that I had made the right choice to stay. I know you probably get a lot of complaint email so I wanted you to know that you have an outstanding staff and they are doing a great job. As retired veterans we live by a certain structure and code… Frank is the example and the right man for the job.
Thank you,

Arminio G.

“Thank you for your assistance. I would definitely refer CIAT to my co-veterans.”

Douglas C.

“I am sending you this email because I would just like to express my appreciate for allowing me to interview for the IT tech internship position with CIAT. I value the school and the education it is providing me, but by allowing me the chance to internship with your organization, I feel greater appreciation and confidence that I can find gainful employment as an IT professional when time comes. I will do my best to be a representative of CIAT in the most respectable way I know how. So again, thank you for this opportunity.”

Damon M.

“I have a letter of intent for a Cyber security position in DC. I have an interview in Texas the second weekend of October. Due to me taking these courses. In a Facebook chat, another friend of mine has told me to apply to her company in San Antonio. Pursuing these certs has been one of the best decision in my post military life.”

Jesse S.

This class is almost complete and without a doubt, the series of course material, presented by instructor Mr. Steed Harper, have not only been easy to follow along with but also aesthetic in his presentation. The manner in which we, the students, were asked participate in class was far different than any other “trade” school I’ve attended (successfully) and almost mirrored a college class. This class was fun, and because of that I think it really helped to drive in much of the course content. Watching the video (from home) and getting the one-on-one feedback on questions was very helpful.

Raul, this was a great class and thanks for linking me up on this instruction path for certification > leading into (hopefully) the C.I.S. AA degree program.

Tom P.

They made me an offer!! I will start on 1/3/18. They want to do a couple months trial, but I’m gonna kill it over there!

Again, I want to thank you for all of the work you put in on my behalf. And in addition, your words of encouragement helped a HUGE amount!

Employee CIAT Reviews

Laila S. 03/21/2018

A wonderful school to learn the Technical Arts!

Corina C. 08/14/2017

This school is really receptive to student needs and has a dedicated staff that goes the extra mile. I’ve been very impressed by how hard they work and how determined they are to provide the very best for every student.

Current Employee 06/14/2016


Great supportive environment
Allowance for new ideas
A great chance to grow


Working at CIAT is challenging but fun. If you like to work hard, this is a great place. If you like to slack – you will not last.

Advice to Management

Keep doing a great job!

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