3 Ways Your Wi-Fi is Spying on You

As you read this article, your router is constantly communicating and sending signals in every direction. Through our routers, we’re sending our internet signals to everything around us.
Each time we check the latest sport scores, send an email, or even check the weather our request is processed through the router and have signals shaped by obstacles such as walls, tables, or desks. With this information, our router can gather data that we never knew possible.

  • A recent publication from Northwestern Polytechnical University posted a study that tracked human movement through a passage 9/10 times. Using only the data gathered from the way bodies shaped wifi signals.[Cornell University Library]
  • Researchers from University of California, Berkeley were able to determine what was being said based on the the distortions in wave signals from mouth movement. The application was accurate in determining what was said with 90% accuracy.[IEEE.org, Digital Library]
  • As a positive contribution, wifi tracking technology has the capability to track human movement to improve functionality in the home. Such applications include automatic light movements, sound control, and ambience automation control.

With so much of our information out in the world, how will you be prepared to protect your data? For more information on our cyber-security course, view our course catalog here.

Featured Image Source: TheTechNews