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Student satisfaction drives our decision-making and helps us regularly adapt to the needs of our students. All students are surveyed at the completion of each five-week term and are asked to provide feedback on their overall course experience, instructor support, confidence in their skill building, and more. We are proud of our high student satisfaction rates, consistently reaching our goals of 90% or higher each term. We value transparency and have committed to posting a summary of the survey results each term for prospective students and active students to review. 

May 2024

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Amy Wann was an AWESOME instructor for our Biology course and if I may request one thing it would be to give our lesson facilitator an award for having such easy flowing recordings for those of us that due to other obligations were not able to attend live sessions. “
  • “By far the best professor I have had to date. This professor is involved, takes feedback seriously and always has wonderful insight.
    Nearly every assignment I have done for them has received individualized feedback that helps add to what I learned from each assignment.”
  • “Amazing course, I found this math class to be exquisite and well put together. A lot of useful information for future lifestyle practices. Thanks again professor and I loved the course!”
  • “Professor Ricardo Duque is an excellent instructor, he explains the topics in a nice pace and goes over the labs in class, which helped me greatly. I reviewed the recordings and was able to finish the labs and correct my mistakes. The recording is very valuable tool for students, as well as the lecture, and practice labs. I enjoyed taking this class with Prof. Duque and wish him well and happy summer.”
  • “I think that some assignments required a little more description that wasn’t provided. I understand that the program is fast paced but being as though it is, we are thrown into subjects without lots of prior knowledge so for some assignments more details are needed.”
  • “Sometimes the quizzes can be a little long, I would suggest a few less questions for time’s sake.”
  • “Group projects felt were a little tricky trying to work together since everyone has a different schedule. “

April 2024

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “I always appreciate Professor Sanjiv. This was my second class with her. She is extremely patient, friendly, helpful, and an overall great instructor. Thank you, Professor Sanjiv!”
  • “Instructor Harper was knowledgeable and always offered his time when you needed help. This is the second class I have had with him and it’s been great. “
  • “Instructor Nam was amazing! He truly has a passion for teaching!”
  • “It was an awesome class with Brad Wenzel’s insightful lectures and Omar Casillas’s helpful feedbacks. I really enjoyed it while learning.”
  • “Please bring back the daily quizzes, they made attendance more streamlined for students!”
  • “Would be helpful to get the recordings edited so that the breaks aren’t included.”
  • “I think the topic of Professional Profile Enhancement should be introduced in on the first day to let students know they should document projects they are working like screenshots for their submission in Week 5.”

March 2024

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Great class, i always learn something paramount when having Professor Toth as an instructor.”
  • “Rema is a wonderful teacher, I learned more from her in 5 weeks then I did most of my high school career.”
  • “Jimmy Hayes is very passionate with his teaching and will help anyone who needs help.”
  • “My instructor (Dr Hamachi) was very engaged every week. He made himself available after hours when I had issues with the labs. I loved the course and learned a lot from him.”
  • “I think a walkthrough with the labs would be beneficial.”
  • “Instructor was very patient and understanding gave me a couple second chances to save my grade, thank you! I think the assignment instructions could be more specific.”
  • “The essay assignment criteria can be vague sometimes, would be helpful to get very specific instructions.”

February 2024

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “I’m not the first to say this, and I certainly won’t be the last, but Ms. Carolyn is an extraordinary instructor who is always available and extremely helpful. Thank you for everything and keep fighting the good fight!”
  • “Another awesome class as always! Thank you, Professor, for your time. I can see that you truly care to see our successes. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Thank you again! 🙂 “
  • “This course was very challenging, but our instructor provided lots of examples and resources that helped me stay motivated and engaged throughout the course. The knowledge my instructor shared was very helpful.”
  • “Meagan was phenomenal, I loved the way she teaches with a lot of passion and enthusiasm in the class. I always look forward to coming to class and learned more from the class just like being in the actual classroom setting. “
  • “The knowledge check quizzes don’t always match up perfectly with the virtual lesson links. I would like to see a bit more consistency.”
  • “A refresher would be nice before taking this course for students that haven’t done this level of math in a while. Instructor was very knowledgeable and patient though. “

January 2024

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Gave great real-world examples of troubleshooting computers and other IT hardware and software! Thomas was a wonderful instructor!”
  • “During the times I was able to attend live sessions Mr. Nick was awesome. He always explained things if we needed help. His prerecorded sessions were so easy to follow so if you missed the live it was clear and cut what we needed to do. A great instructor!”
  • “This was a very well put together class. Certainly this class is very crucial for not only the IT field but in every day life as well. I learned quite a bit from the professor’s classroom sessions.”
  • “Our professor was extremely knowledgeable about the course materials. She goes into great detail to explain everything. Throughout the whole course week, every aspect was covered. She even spent some time assisting us with our projects and practical exercises, as well as answering our questions. She also assisted us in week five by providing some practice questions and answer sessions for our final test. She even provided us time and opportunity to make corrections and resubmit our work for a second grade, demonstrating her consideration for our assignments and projects. A very kind individual we wish further success in her career.”
  • “Overall was a good class, only problem I had was sometimes I had a hard time understanding the professor during lecture, but I was able to remedy this by using the transcript Microsoft Teams provides for the videos after the class. “
  • “To be honest I would have preferred some more help given on the hands-on exercises through examples in class. The examples that were given in class were not very easy to follow if wanting to apply to the exercises we needed to do on our own.”

November 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Mr.Lam was the most helpful teacher I’ve had so far. He made this course easy to understand and taught this course very well.”
  • “Brian Castello was a phenomenal professor and I wish I had more of his classes.”
  • “Mrs. Sanjiv is very knowledgeable and explains mathematical functions and formulas in a manner that makes learning easier and keeps you interested in the subject. I actually enjoy learning from Mrs. Sanjiv. “
  • “Victor has been an outstanding instructor, especially in navigating the complexities of the CCNA course. His unique, easy-to-understand teaching methodologies have not only made learning enjoyable but also highly effective. His willingness to go above and beyond in assisting students is truly admirable. Victor’s dedication and skill in making difficult subjects accessible to all is commendable. A big thank you to Victor for his exceptional commitment and inspiring approach!”
  • “My instructor (Victor Rodriguez) has made this course very enjoyable and informative. The short coming of technical issues have been troublesome but Mr. V has found ways to overcome them and still deliver the information.”
  • “I believe this course should not be one of the last ones to be taken before finishing school. This course would be beneficial at the beginning of the third year when students are starting to look at job postings. “
  • “Would be great to get the content to be reviewed a bit slower during lecture so the chat questions lined up with content consistently.”

October 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Ms.Trujillo is such an outstanding instructor that I would sign up for her class anytime. Mr. Mason is outstanding too… You can call them and they will get back to you the same day. Mr. Mason walks you through the complete process to make sure that you understand. Ms. Trujillo explains things and makes sure everyone participates. They both were definitely the A-Team.”
  • “The new course implemented has been a tremendous change from the previous curriculum, thanks to Steven and Meagan for excellent work.”
  • “The best instructor I ever had at CIAT. Very accommodating especially after hours and walked me through every lab problem until I was finished. Thank You Mr. Dane Copeland. “
  • “I have taken several IT courses. However, your engaging teaching style and real-world insights is truly valued. Thank you. “
  • “The key terms do not always work when dealing with this class – the answer can be too vague.”
  • “This class honestly was one of my favorites but also one of my hardest besides my math class. The instructor went above and beyond to help me learn and when I was stuck was always there to help. “
  • “Overall, a great experience. Only issue was Teams kept causing a delay, but the instructor was great in ensuring he was heard, and content was available.”

September 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Omar is one of the best instructors I’ve had in my IT career, he made the class dynamic and interesting, kept me engaged and I really enjoyed the lecture check questions. Also, he’s approachable and caring, he helped us with the difficult labs in Azure because the instructions provided on Canvas are missing certain steps and do not provide instructions on how to troubleshoot issues in Azure. With Omar’s guidance I successfully completed these difficult exercises. He’s an amazing instructor, with great positive personality. He’s truly an inspiration and I appreciate his dedication to help students starting an new IT career like me. Thank you for your time and lessons Omar!”
  • “My instructor was well informed and prepared to teach this class, it shows how much time he has taken to make sure he hits all the major points, did extraordinary to keep class organized and moving forward as well as allowing time for any help, guidance and support. I hope my next classes will be similar to this experience.”
  • “I enjoyed this course very much. Mike is an unbelievable teacher, very patient, very knowledgeable and he wants to make sure that students understand the material. Mike should be cloned as a teacher.. :)”
  • “Professor Ferrera is full of knowledge and has great real-world experience which he passed on to his students. He prepared us to excel in this course and in the real world. He also helped us study for the Net + Certification which is one of the main reasons I enrolled into this program. Professor Ferrera is a great instructor and I hope he continues teaching for a long time as he is the definition of a Leader and a Subject Matter Expert.”
  • “I did not like the live classes were later in the week it made it harder with less time to complete everything waiting on the classes. especially when I have to watch the recording due to time restraints.”
  • “It would be nice if while going over the lecture questions the professor could repeat and clarify the correct answer. There were times when it was not clear what the answer was when I was watching the recording since our teacher was reading the comments that the other students had put in the chat which we don’t see on the recording.”

July 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Dr. Hamachi was an excellent professor. I always felt like if I didn’t understand the material, I could ask and he would make sure to answer any questions I had fully, and always made sure I understood the information. He was a very engaging professor that presented the material in an interesting way.”
  • “Mr. Raja was amazing. Every lecture I was so impressed that he could give an engaging presentation for 4 and a half hours! He answered questions promptly and made visual representations to better help visual learners as well. Overall this class greatly helped me learn a lot and I’m so happy to have been taught by Mr. Raja.”
  • “Randy did a great job keeping the entire class interested and participating all thru out the course! Great professor and awesome class!”
  • “Professor Saleh was and is very creative and shared alot of real world knowledge in the application of course material. The way it was taught, he kept everyone engaged by asking questions that directly pulled from our lecture knowledge. The sharing of how lecture-based knowledge pertained to real world situations, along with the connection to his own experiences and journey as a cybersecurity professional was an added tool to add to anyone’s cybersecurity tool bag. I look forward to attending his CEH class in the near future. Great job!”
  • “Very good course, the instructor did a great job in her presentations, and help me understand all the aspects of this course.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course; it offered tons of excellent content and effectively prepares you for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. The only concern I have is related to setting up a free AWS account using your personal credit card. Although we do establish alerts and notifications to prevent running instances or going over the free tier, I can foresee someone making the mistake of not configuring their dashboard correctly, inadvertently bypassing the preventive features, or simply not understanding what they’re doing, leading to the risk of maxing out their credit card. Fortunately, I didn’t experience this issue myself, despite my initial fear that it might happen. In my opinion, the AWS academy account and course resources provides sufficient preparation to obtain the certification without having to resort to the free tier. Still a great course, thank you.”
  • “The course curriculum swayed too heavily on topic essays. A 750 page essay every week plus all the other weekly assignments and a final at the end seems a bit excessive for a class that isn’t even applicable to my technical degree.”

June 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Mr. Mason is one of the best instructors that I have had thus far. He takes care of business. I truly appreciate all his support.”
  • “My favorite professor so far, as a sophomore. My previous school was NOT this fun.”
  • “Professor Sorush was astounding! I was amazed with his breadth of knowledge. He was extremely helpful with us, and always willing to answer any questions we may of had. Please make sure he is made aware of his efforts!”
  • “Louis went beyond the book! He made sure to cover all of the required content while also making sure we saw practical application of these concepts. He also offered extra tutoring to anyone who needed it, it’s obvious that he cares about his students.”
  • “Wish the whole class was recorded not just some parts. Had a hard time understanding some parts due.”
  • ” I felt like it took too long for turned in work to be graded.”
  • “Most of the chapters of these books provide overwhelming amounts of information, making retaining all of it difficult. The chapters jump around to different aspects as opposed to staying focused on one subject matter. “
  • “Teacher is an amazing person. I just wish he was more explanatory during lectures instead of reading passages from the textbook the entire lecture for each week.”

May 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Outstanding! The instructor is knowledgeable, explains every details of the topic and responds to questions and comments in a timely manner and even after class hours.”
  • “If I could give Nick Erakat 1000% I would, because his patience and his knowledge is unbelievable. He always answered all my questions and patiently helped me to understand the material.”
  • “My instructor was extremely helpful and patient. I want to thank him especially for taking hours out of his day to help me one-on-one through Teams to work through the challenge labs.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this fascinating class. As a student preparing for the CompTIA Security+ exam, the resources provided here have been instrumental in aiding my exam preparations. Throughout the course, I found several topics particularly engaging and beneficial.”
  • “My instructor absolutely came in with a strong energy that was contagious and gave me the confidence that I was being coached by a industry powerhouse. I felt we were given additional tips and tricks relating to actual field working and not just a standard curriculum.”
  • “I think the essays combined with the power points are a little too much every week.”
  • “The lab manual for both Networking courses should be instructional instead of testing knowledge. Kind of hard to remember a lot of the material especially if its the first time setting things up. Requires repetition.”
  • “I did not like that we reported to another teacher and did live classes with another teacher. It made a very challenging learning environment for this class.”
  • “For someone who is not pursuing an academic outcome, I feel it is not a good use of time to mandate compliance with APA format when participating in discussions.”
  • “I do not like the quizzes for attendance, I answered one wrong and the affected my score. This does not need to count towards a score. “

April 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Professor Hamachi is an awesome person and fantastic teacher! He really has helped me, not only in this class but in another one as well, to learn how to become a better network administrator, engineer, and programmer!”
  • “I liked the hands-on lab, as it allows for simulation of the materials covered in this class. Getting the experience was fun.”
  • “The course was good and very informative. This course sets a good foundation for you to get started in the IT field.”
  • “This class was amazing and I have learned so much in these 5 weeks. Thank you :)”
  • “Another course well done. Another chapter of learning and I could not be more grateful.”
  • “If I had anything to improve it would be faster grading for assignments.”
  • “Some labs need updating to allow for a better time management.”
  • “This class was very good. But the curriculum was heavy, about 16 very long chapters.”
  • “I wish that students had 1 week off in between tests to be able to have time to take the practice tests and real tests for certification.”
  • “The course is very autonomous and there can be some improvements in the grammar of the labs. I would have liked to do more in-depth labs vice training.”

March 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “I would like to thank my professors and classmates and the whole CIAT community staff for your help. thanks again I’m speechless.”
  • “Mr. Randy gave a great set of instructions and made it easy to understand AWS!”
  • “Great class! All important bits of information and the instructor was patient with all of us. I hope to see him again in a future class.”
  • “It was fun doing the live videos on teams. I am really surprised at how much I learned attending them twice a week. Excited for the next course.”
  • “Could not be more satisfied with the course, the video lectures and the instructor’s help.”
  • “The book was hard to get had to use a previous version so was not up to speed as I think others were.”
  • “the instructor could have been faster at replying to messages.”
  • “I would like to make a note that myself and at least 4 other students think that it would make these courses better if they were 6 weeks.”
  • “I would like a better way to get in touch with the other students in the class so that we can create study groups.”
  • “Trying to read multiple chapters is extremely hard when you work a full time job, take care of a kid and everything else in between.”

February 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “This was a very challenging class but the Professor made things so engaging for us to be successful. Truly enjoy the experiencing and knowledge the Professor brought to the course. “
  • “I really enjoyed these last five weeks. I’m learning more about computer science. thank you for this opportunity.”
  • “Excellent instructors for the course. Very knowledgeable and genuinely care about the students success. Raises are in order!”
  • “I was able to face my fear in tearing down and building back-up a computer. Thank you. Thanks to Sean Kennedy for being patient in teaching us and answering our questions.”
  • “The entire platform has given me the confidence to move forward, not second guessing myself. This has been a great course!”
  • “Great class, and teacher! Only critique would be to re-evaluate how Quiz reviews are done. Often time the 150 words per question can become super redundant and unnecessary. I think an explanation in your own words will suffice plus APA reference. Less words should be required.”
  • “Week five is the shortest week of the term. I don’t see the reason to overload this particular week with many assignments as the previous 4 weeks. You have to keep in mind that most of your students have other responsibilities and family. Your assignments should fit match your students body demographic. Thank you “
  • “The lab instructions were somewhat vague when using the AWS modules. I had to reach out to the professor who cleared it up for me rather quickly, but the instructions can be rewritten in certain parts to avoid confusion to students.”

January 2023

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “The teacher set us up for success, she was awesome and helpful!”
  • “The Class was tough but I made it through. Robert was awesome. Very knowledgeable and I don’t think I would have made it through without his guidance.”
  • “MR. SHAWN WAGNER WAS AN AMAZING TEACHER, HE DESERVES A RAISE!!! I learned more from him than I ever could’ve in college, and it’s only been 4 and a half weeks. 
  • “Mr. Smith is such an amazing instructor. He is very helpful to any students that needed extra help. For someone new to the IT field, he explained every chapter of the course in a manner that I can relate to and fully understand the contents. I learned a lot this past 5 weeks and I thank him for that.”
  • “Love the hands-on, with online class in the tech world hand-on activities is a must for our success in retaining the knowledge, thank you. “
  • “My instructor was very accommodating to my very hectic schedule and was flexible when asked on the matter. I greatly appreciate this as a working adult.”
  • “I’m going to honest in the last five weeks I have no idea what IT Fundamentals are. Everything that I have read I have no clue what it’s about and that’s the honest Truth. Everything went to fast for me. So, I can’t understand any of the terms. I would need more time to really read and understand what the different terms mean. That’s why I never ask questions because I even know what ask in the first place.”
  • “Please remember that not every student has IT background, therefore should not be expected to understand and know all of this new language right away. The course felt very rushed and very fast paced. This is in no way a reflection on the instructor as he did a great job trying to ensure that we all understood the best way he knew how.”
  • “Everything was excellent but the practice quiz review. Discussing 5 questions at a min of 150 words is tedious especially since some of them are very simple answers. Maybe drop it to 3.”

November 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Hands down best class so far! Mr. Robert McAdams is a great teacher that not only taught the curriculum, but really gave us a vision on what programming is like as a professional, and real-world problem solving! I learned so much! Very grateful.”
  • “CIAT is the BEST!!!”
  • “maybe make some problems that the student has to work through by himself as a lab so he can get hands on experience and maybe try to apply the knowledge he has learned.”
  • “I would say work on orientation, go more in-depth on what’s important. Such as what you will be actively using and routing daily. Explain that your instructor may not be your professor, explain that you can save certain documents for the 5 weeks such as labs directly to your computer and fill in and take notes as necessary.”

October 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Professor Liane Monaco is a great instructor. The professor provided examples that help me understand the concepts being taught.”
  • “Really enjoyed Robert McAdam’s sessions. His teaching skills and enthusiasm was one of a kind. He showed a nice balance of concern and compassion. Great teacher.”
  • “I loved Robert and felt he was engaging and passionate about the topic. He did an excellent job and helping me learn useful Python skills.”
  • “Very understanding instructors and able to assist anytime you need them. Thank you!”
  • “It was great that the instructor had office hours available throughout the week in case anyone needed extra assistance”
  • “These courses are pretty fast, I know that there is a lot that the instructors have to squeeze in, in a very short period of time but it does make learning difficult at times, especially with certain topics.”
  • “I wish there were more opportunities presented for extra credit.”
  • “Study Guide review sheets would be helpful for preparing for final and provide a guide to keep for future study in preparation for certification”
  • “This class in my opinion was extremly tough due to the amount of information that was pumped into us in thei short amount of time I believe this class should be a Part 1, and Part 2 and spread the information out smoothly this gives the student enough time to absorb and apply what has been given to us.”

September 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Saddam is my third instructor with CIAT and by far my favorite. I would not have made it this far without his fun attitude and style of delivery.”

August 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Mr. Aaron is the best instructor I ever had! I really appreciate the time he takes to help his class succeed and understand the work. It was nice a experience learning from him. Thank you.”
  • “Being my first IT class, CIAT is everything I expected, plus more. The syllabus was extremely easy to understand and follow. The Canvas platform took a little bit to get used to but after a few days it was easy to navigate. The instructor was fun, friendly and a overall a great guy. He knows his stuff for sure.”
  • “Quentin is a great teacher. C++ is very difficult to learn. I was freaking out in the beginning of class and he calmed me down and got me on the right track. He makes class fun and entertaining, while keeping it challenging and informative.”
  • “So far a superb experience with CIAT. Special thanks to Shawn and Jordan.”
  • “This course is great for IT beginners. Breaks things down to a level that can be understood and leaves the detailed stuff for the field a student decides to pursue.”
  • “I’m not a fan of the Asynchronous Delivery – no live class sessions – I would much prefer a live session as I feel I learn more with the live classes.”
  • “I think that this course need to be longer than five weeks due to the content of vital information so that the student can be successful.”
  • “The course felt a little fast.”
  • “This course was very challenging especially the management of labs as it was very confusing to keep track of the lab work.”

June 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Coding is my weakest area but I took a lot a way during this past 5 weeks. Looking forwarded to part B.”
  • “Steed is an excellent instructor, and I would take his class again. Thanks CIAT for hiring good instructors.”
  • “I found Instructor Remi Sanjiv, to be very knowledgeable, helpful, kind, patient, and understanding. She is the only reason I made it to the end of this course.”
  • “I would like to thank my Professors, Advisors, and team class CIS-100, I learned a lot in this course, and I’m looking forward to the next course.”
  • “Would gladly like to have had more hands on with the VM network or Wireshark and other applications.”
  • “The labs were very challenging in this course. It would have been helpful to have an announcement prior to the beginning of the course or week three that we would be downloading large files and if you have a slow internet connection it would take 5 to 6 hours to download Windows 11.”
  • “Workload was overwhelming, not enough time to study for the cert test. Suggest, 6-week course, last week for studying and taking the cert test.”

May 2022

Overall Survey Rating Overall Survey Score # of Students Surveyed # of Responses
  • “Mr. Rey has always been one of my favorite professors here at CIAT, when it comes to having to solve a problem, he always has the solution.”
  • “I am so thankful I got Mr. Amaro as my first instructor on my IT journey. He is truly passionate about his profession, always prepared with great knowledge about the material and how to communicate it in a way that made sense for someone like me with no previous IT knowledge. He was always approachable and made sure to check in with how things were going with his students. His confidence is inspiring and I hope to have him as an instructor in a future class!”
  • “Class was great! Thank you for your knowledge and support during this course. I’d recommend it to a friend :-)”
  • “I couldn’t be more grateful on how a school goes out of there way to make to sure that the student is doing well and not only doing well but also helps.”
  • “This had to have been one of my favorite classes very hands on and I learned so much from it.”
  • “I think there should be an option for longer courses, especially for people like me who need more time not just for completing assignments but to soak in the information. 5 weeks is just not enough…”
  • “I wish there was live discussions but knowing that the professor was still willing to help made up for it.”
  • “This work on your own pace is challenging but a good way to learn if you are disciplined in your work habit.”
  • “I would have liked to have had some kind of study questions for the final. With so much material, I feel like having a test bank would be good.”

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